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Baltic Circuit Racing Championship 2020

Englanninkielinen selostus!

1. The Championship shall consist of the following 4 rounds:

Round I – Nemun Ring (LT) 6-7.06.2020

Round II – auto24ring (EE) – 18-19.07.2020

Round III – Bikernieki (LV) 22-23.08.2020

Round IV – auto24ring (EE) 05-06.09.2020

All 4 stages will bring points to the overall championship classification.

1. If there are two races during the weekend, the average points of both races of the same weekend will be counted into final standings of the Baltic Circuit Racing Championship.

2. Each Championship stage will be guided by the Regulations of the country federation which is hosting the race.

3. Baltic Circuit Racing Championship is the only official joined Circuit Racing Chamionship in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia recognized by Latvian, Lithuanian and Estonian motorsports federations.